From the recording Alive In Bend (MP3)

Written by Gabriel Johnson, ZeeWah Music

Zoe “Ze Rox” Falkenstein: Lead Vocals
Gabriel “Dr. Pocket” Johnson: Electric Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals
Matthew “Gunner” Smith: Drums
Tyler “T-Bone” Mason: Electric Bass
Jarrod “Yarrold” Donatelli: Percussion
Evan “The Reverend” Read-Mullins: Keyboards


If it’s too late to change the world
Then will you find another lover ?
And when your tapestry’s unfurled
Will you fight or run for cover ?
If it’s time to come alive
And the pressure feels like too much
Will you push yourself to drive ?
Or will you keep on riding the clutch ?

I don’t mind changing for you or anyone
But I don’t find solace in livin’ on the run
I don’t seek salvation for anyone under the sun
We’re gonna rise, gonna rise, gonna rise, one by one

If it’s your turn to reinvent
And you crave that old familiar touch
Will you look back on all the time you spent ?
And realize it was just a silly crutch ?
And if it’s your turn to move beyond
And move past this pain we’re holding on to
I gotta know how you’ll respond
After all that you and I have been through

REFRAIN (One by One, One by One)