1. Boogie Too

From the recording Alive In Bend (MP3)

Written by Gabriel Johnson/Zoe Falkenstein, ZeeWah Music

Zoe “Ze Rox” Falkenstein: Lead Vocals
Gabriel “Dr. Pocket” Johnson: Electric Guitar
Matthew “Gunner” Smith: Drums
Tyler “T-Bone” Mason: Electric Bass
Jarrod “Yarrold” Donatelli: Percussion
Evan “The Reverend” Read-Mullins: Keyboards


Jiggle jiggle, jiggle some more
Comin from the funk on your hotel door
You think that you can do it cuz you’ve done it before
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
‘Nother one’s comin’ let the next one pass
Secondary rhythm the reasons are vast
If you’re feeling lazy turn around real fast
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Caught up with thinking, so busy laughin’
I’m down to pick up and get out of here
Torn on the inside, I know you’re wantin’
To run away and love the woman that you fear

Go, go, go, go right, take flight, invite the demons into your life you know that you’ve wanted to
Inside you might just get real high, don’t you know that I’ve wanted to
I’m so ready and you’re so rock steady and I’m, I’m just wonderin’ why we’re apart
Listen closely and let’s get so cozy and make love like the room is dark

You swing it slowly, I’ve got
Groove in my pocket, I wont
Let you be lonely I can’t wonder why you scream
A slow dysfunction, creepin’
Lightly up in me, I see
What you could never come to be
Young intuition we have,
Loosened our grip on what is
Widely expected and we’re gonna lighten up
If we run away together, we could avoid the ones who
Leave us feelin’ so god damn insignificant

C (x2)