1. Broker

From the recording Alive In Bend (MP3)

Written by Gabriel Johnson, ZeeWah Music

Zoe “Ze Rox” Falkenstein: Lead Vocals
Gabriel “Dr. Pocket” Johnson: Keyboards & Vocals
Matthew “Gunner” Smith: Drums
Tyler “T-Bone” Mason: Electric Bass
Jarrod “Yarrold” Donatelli: Percussion
Evan “The Reverend” Read-Mullins: Keyboards & Vocals


Jeffrey walked downtown to the pawn broker
Down to hock his gear
With a dime and a benjamin in his pocket
His mind is so far from here
Strolls around the projects off of Broad Street
The pimps and 2-bit junkies leer
Passes through the red light of the meat market
He feels his loot disappear

Why don’t you give it away ?
Why don’t you give it away ?

Ben grabbed the hat from high up in the closet
And stumbled down the creaky steps
Puts a hanging price tag around the brim
And puts it in the box marked ‘for sale’
His father worked as a tailor in New Hope
Back when a song was worth just a cent
He’d put the hat out and serenade the passers-by
When he was just a few dollars short on rent


I don’t want you to go (repeat)