From the recording Alive In Bend (WAV)

Written by Gabriel Johnson/Zoe Falkenstein, ZeeWah Music

Zoe “Ze Rox” Falkenstein: Lead Vocals
Gabriel “Dr. Pocket” Johnson: Electric Guitar & Vocals
Matthew “Gunner” Smith: Drums & Cackles
Tyler “T-Bone” Mason: Electric Bass
Jarrod “Yarrold” Donatelli: Percussion
Evan “The Reverend” Read-Mullins: Keyboards


Hey baby, you got me on my knees
And just maybe, maybe, I’m beggin’ darling please (x2)

Hey baby, you got me feeling all sorts of freaky funkiness
With that sweaty, curly hair upon your chest and
Maybe, you’re contemplating letting go of all your stress
I can feel your tenseness, come feel my denseness
Making love like a set list, many layers to the puzzle can you set this up inside
Got me feeling like I just can’t hide
And I, I’m rubbin’ on your heat-seekin’ love missile
Give me a taste of that sweet and spicy pickle

C (x2)

I came! I came to tell you what to do with all those extra pillows
I got a spot underneath my pussy willows
You can seriously, store all your pillows underneath my willows I don’t mind
We’ve been dining in every night, I’m ‘bout to put up a fight
I have something special planned for tonight so don’t you pout
Looks like tonight you might be eating out

C (x2)

B (Rap)
Cuz every time I hear you breathin’, the repetition of your wheezing gives me meanin’
And I can only think about you in the evenin’
Because my mind is filled with cream and peaches, baby can you eat them
And there could be nothing but lovin’
The size of your glove has me gunnin’
And every day you’re away I can’t help but to notice that you’re not up on it