1. Hoodoo

From the recording Alive In Bend (WAV)

Written by Gabriel Johnson/Zoe Falkenstein, ZeeWah Music

Zoe “Ze Rox” Falkenstein: Lead Vocals
Gabriel “Dr. Pocket” Johnson: Electric Guitar
Matthew “Gunner” Smith: Drums
Tyler “T-Bone” Mason: Electric Bass
Jarrod “Yarrold” Donatelli: Percussion
Evan “The Reverend” Read-Mullins: Keyboards


You want to funk, funk to you
Bass and the drum, up to do
Insect to bet, to guru
Hip hop hooray, your hoodoo
Be top to gat, for teasin’
Leaf on the flat, per season
Get off your ass, and see ‘em
Sleepy up on fat, go leanin’
Yo! I’m an inter-web, I could look you up to your better fed
Put your guns up, don’t trickle fiscal much
But a milli’ on the table got your sickle sucked
It don’t phase us, we a tight-knit group we got hella homies hoppin’ and the ladder soupy we be blazin’, and the boys be like “Ze Rox? Yeah that bitch amazin’”

You got that itch, that izm
Up in your ditch, your prism
Tap, tap my lap I listen
Tell, tell that bitch I sees ‘em
Quick to quote to quell, two beatin’
Heavy privy bloat, cool treatin’
Hippy for your home, two seatin’
Carpool the fool, out eatin’
Hep! Hep to funktify
Little chittle chillin’ on your 9 to 5
Go crazy, no I mean no stupid
Fever warning in the air from cupid
Eat this, cuz it taste like candy
You be crackin’ to the fight, foogayzee
You suck to suck cuz we doin’ our thing

If you’re wish is my command, then I hope you’re wishin’ groovy
Get your number in my hand, so you can sock it to me
Little itty bitty girl, I hope to bring you pleasure
My words and sultry voice, will stun with every measure
Ooo, who do, who do
You, who do who do,
You, who do who do
You, who do you do

V1&2 repeated

C (x2 w/ ending sequence)